Thursday, July 2, 2009


We went to the doctor yesterday to find out that all these contractions I've been having are not thinning me at all. I have been dilated for 3 weeks now with consistent contractions everyday and no thinning out. This is a good thing, seeing that I didn't want to have this baby early, but now the baby could come at anytime and would be fine. So I wish these contractions would start thinning my cervix. The doctor doesn't believe that I'll go into labor this week, but possibly the next if the contractions keep on, but then again they aren't thinning me! He's not going to make me move up there before i have the baby, i just have to go visit him once a week. In 2 weeks if i haven't thinned at all he's going to give me a pill that thins your cervix out, and then the next day will start the induction. This pill, and of course being induced does make labor harder, or lets just say more painful, so I'm praying that i don't have to take that stupid pill. All and all I'm doing pretty well. I just really want to have this baby because at this point I'm pretty helpless. I'm suppose to stay out of the heat and rest, rest, rest. This is because i pass out for some reason and anytime i do anything or am outside i start having contractions. Wow i don't ever want to be pregnant again! Gaw! I do thank God for this precious baby boy he has giving me and wouldn't trade it for the world. So I guess i just need to stop complaining and deal with it!

After my appointment rob and I drove to Parkland and got to visit Stephanie and Shawn Studdard. I met them through our CDH blogs. I mentioned them in my last post. Kamyren their baby girl with CDH is 2 weeks old now, and i thought she looked so good! I loved talking to stephanie and rob enjoyed Shawns company as well. I was able to go back in the NICU and see Kamyren. I got to touch her and talk to her, it was just an experience that I'm glad that i got to have before Jackson gets here. It was hard to see their little baby girl helpless like that because i just wanted them to be able to pick her up and love on her. I know we will be going through this same thing and it's going to be so hard. Just being there was a little heartbreaking knowing what we were about to face. I believe that little miss Kamyren is going to be ok, and I'm praying our little boy will be fine too.

I'm still having problems with people being able to leave me comments, so i took a few things off the blog to see if that would fix it. I think it did, so leave comments....this way I will know if it worked or not.

Keep the prayers coming....... Candice Brooke