Thursday, July 9, 2009

My baby boy


Now I can update on my doctors appointment today. The doctor told me that everything in the abdomen was up in the chest now. This is a horrible thing that i just thought wasn't going to happen. His liver is also up in the chest. Most of the babies with their liver don't survive according to the doctor. Sometimes part of the liver is just up, but his whole liver is up. After seeing everything that he saw he decided to do the LHR. LHR is a lung to head ratio that the doctors like to do on these babies to kind of give them an idea where we stand with the baby. They measure the lungs and head and compare and some how come up with a ratio. He said baby Jacksons was a 0.2. I have never heard of one being that low. This is not a good thing. He could hardly see any lungs at all when he did the sonogram. I just broke down and started crying when he told me his LHR was 0.2. I have done enough research to know that that was horrible. He just padded my leg and gave me a very sweet look, but never said it's going to be ok. After I got myself together I asked him what baby Jacksons chances were.......He just told me over and over that it didn't look good. I asked him if it was still a 50% chance of survival, because he did have a higher chance then even 50. He said it was much much lower. Oh that just broke my heart. I know i read all these blogs and there are some where the baby's diagnoses is bad like ours and their outcome turns out great. Thats very very rare though, and i know i can't just ignore what the doctor has told me, but i will not let it be a death sentence. Please keep Jackson in your prayers.

I'm in Ft. Worth until the baby gets here. Really i'm in Irving with Janet and Jackie. We really appreciate them and don't know what we would do without there help. I went to the doctor today thinking he was just going to send me home. That was not the case at all. I was contracting the whole time i was at the doctor, which these days is very normal for me. They didn't like it though. So they checked me and wow I was over 50% thinned and dilated to a 2. He wasn't so much worried about me being dilated because i've been dilated for a month, but not thinned. My doctor said most women are in labor by this point. So i have to stay close by. We also have some really bad news on the baby that later tonight I will update everyone on. I was very shocked and upset by all of it. I still believe that Jackson is going to make it. God will heal him and I really believe that. Sorry not enough time to write more, will be back on here in a few hours........please pray for baby jackson and us.

Love Candice