Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things are a little crazy right now..

Hey everyone,
Well, if the CDH situation wasn't enough to worry about, Rob and Candice have another event happening that is pretty odd. I am not sure if I have a complete understanding of the whole situation because I just can't believe it, but here goes.

Like I posted earlier, the medical team at their hospital figured out they didn't have an ECMO machine available until after they started inducing Candice. They were told that a baby would soon be coming off ECMO so it was no problem and they would just let the labor continue on its own. It appears that plan B is now in progress.

There isn't an ECMO machine available after all so they are getting ready to Careflight Candice to Parkland hospital in Dallas which is where Kamryn is. Children's hospital is connected to Parkland so if Jackson does need ECMO it is just down the hall where Kamryn had her surgery. We texted Candice back to see when she was going and haven't heard back so she may be in the air now.

I promise to let all of you know the second we hear something more. We will be up at the hospital with Kamryn tomorrow so we can definitely give a first hand account of how things are going.

More to come...


Quick update

Stef talked to Candice just a little bit ago and Jackson hasn't arrived yet. They did start the Pitocin this morning and labor has been going well. Candice is doing fine and has her epidural in. There was a small change in plans with inducing her because they just found out that there are too many babies on ECMO right now so they stopped the Pitocin and will let things take there course from here. There is a baby coming off ECMO in the next hour and they just want to be safe and have that option if Baby Jackson requires it.

That's what we know right now and will update everyone the second we hear anymore news.