Saturday, August 8, 2009

Angel Jackson

Angel Maxton's blog says that "Some souls are so special, heaven can't wait." I believe that is the case today as we say goodbye to a brave CDH warrior who fought so hard during his short life. Baby Jackson took his last breath today around 1:00pm in Candice's arms. Rob and Candice are shattered right now, living every parents worst nightmare, but were remarkably collected as we spent time with them at the hospital this afternoon. It's not much of a surprise since they have shown unbelievable strength and courage during this long and painful journey. We know there is a reason and a purpose for all of this sadness and pain although we remain frustrated as we can't truly wrap our arms around it. Baby Jackson has touched many lives and taught us what true courage and bravery are all about. He has taught us to appreciate life more while demonstrating just how fragile it really is. We are privileged to have shared in Jackson's story no matter how short the chapter.

Rob and Candice, Stephanie and I are so very sorry for your loss. If there is anything either of you need, you just simply need to say the word. Take care of each other friends and we are here if you need us.


Prayers needed for Jackson and Family

It is with a heavy heart that I update all of you on Jackson's condition today. Jackson has not made good progress overnight and the medical staff has let Candice and Rob know that Jackson won't be able to overcome the hypertension. Around 5:00am, his body gave signs that it just couldn't handle the situation any longer. While his heart and lungs appear to be stable, the stress on his body is just too much. They estimate he has probably around 8 hours until he will leave this amazing couple and truly be at peace. Rob and Candice find some comfort right now as they know Rob's father is awaiting Jackson's arrival with open arms in heaven.

Jackson is not in any pain right now and they are preparing him for Rob and Candice to spend time with him this afternoon. Stef and I are heading up to the hospital in just a little bit to be with them.

Please pray for this dear family that they find the strength to endure this afternoon and the days, months, and years ahead of them without their precious Jackson. Please also pray for Jackson that he has a peaceful transition from this world to a much better place in heaven.