Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jackson has arrived!

Jackson was born tonight sometime around 7:30. I don't have a lot of details, but will continue to update as info comes in and definitely will have more tomorrow when we are up at the hospital. Jackson appears to be in pretty severe respiratory distress right now and the doctors have indicated they are struggling to stabilize him. They are going to continue trying to stabilize Jackson for a while and then assess if ECMO is the right path to take.
We just received the first picture of Baby Jackson:

The family is struggling to take it all in right now and are terrified. We anticipated Jackson might be critical early on and it looks like that is the case. Please pray for this family who is searching for answers and trying to make sense of the current situation and strategy and please pray for Jackson to fight like mad to stabilize.

I will update as I get more information tonight or in the morning.


Baby Jackson's not here yet..

But it should be soon! Sorry for the delayed post today. Stef and I have been up at the hospital and we were able to go back and visit with Candice and Rob. Both of them are doing good and holding up very well given the eventful night they had. Candice was put back on Pitocin this morning at 7:00 and she is making some progress with labor so it should be any hour now.

The Parkland team is all ready for Jackson's arrival. They have the isolation room all prepped and ready to go. This is the same room Kamryn was in after she was born. Children's hospital is also prepared with ECMO if needed so everything is in place and on standby right now.

My next post today should be to announce the arrival of Jackson and it will be posted the minute we get word!

Stay tuned...