Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick update

Stef talked to Candice just a little bit ago and Jackson hasn't arrived yet. They did start the Pitocin this morning and labor has been going well. Candice is doing fine and has her epidural in. There was a small change in plans with inducing her because they just found out that there are too many babies on ECMO right now so they stopped the Pitocin and will let things take there course from here. There is a baby coming off ECMO in the next hour and they just want to be safe and have that option if Baby Jackson requires it.

That's what we know right now and will update everyone the second we hear anymore news.



  1. Thanks for the update, Shawn! We are all praying for them...and you guys, too!
    Love and prayers,

  2. Oh goodness about the ECMO! Praying that the baby that comes off it does well so it is available, but mostly praying that little Jackson doesn't need that thing! Many prayers... and thanks for updating for them Shawn! I know they are sooo appreciative!


  3. Wow...what an eventful day for everyone! What a sad thought...all ECMO machines being used. Anywho, am praying for Jackson's smooth entrance into the world! Am thinking that Kamryn's progress of the day is a good sign for Jackson. Guess I'll check again before bed or first thing in the morning to see how the little man entered this world. Love and prayers....Chanda

  4. wow.. too many babies on ECMO!! How horrible is that. And poor Candice- to be in that situation and nervous regarless- and they are like - oh wait- we need to hold off for a bit.. jeez! All I know is when Kayla was ready- she was ready - you couldn't tell her now pitocin or not!

    love and prayers-