Monday, July 27, 2009

The BIG day has arrived!

Hey everyone, it's Shawn (Kamryn Hope's dad) posting for Rob and Candice. They want everyone to know that tomorrow (Tuesday) is the big day for Baby Jackson's arrival. Candice will be induced at 7:00am and sometime tomorrow they will truly begin their CDH journey. Stef has been talking with Candice and she is doing well. She and Rob are excited, but very nervous and anxious about tomorrow. I will post all the info the minute we get word and have information to share.

I remember the excitement, anxiety, and uncertainty both of them are feeling right now and how we were comforted by hearing from all of you. I hope you will join Stef and I in praying for Jackson, Candice, and Rob and sharing your support and encouragement through comments (they are able to view the blog with their cell phone).




  1. Prayers are already being sent your way, but many more on Tuesday morning. I've followed your blog and feel like I know you and Baby Jackson. God bless you.........

  2. We will be thinking of you today. Praying for an easy and comfortable labor and a good outlook for Jackson. Take lots and lots of pictures and try to take a moment to step back from the CDH diagnosis and enjoy the miracle that is the birth of your son.
    -Kellie, mom to Carter (CDH & ECMO survivor)

  3. It was so hard for us to let go and let God. You could not be in better hands. Many prayers and positive thoughts coming from Syracuse for you both and little Jackson.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.
    God still does miracles!
    From another CDH mom

  5. Praying for the whole beal family today. This journey is so difficult and you can't imagine it until you have experienced it. Many prayers. I am always here if you need an ear.


  6. Praying for you guys like CRAZY!! We look forward to amazing stories of your son from today and many years down the road. :)

  7. Candice and Rob, we're there with you in thoughts and prayers. It's a little after 9 my time (in Utah) so I'm thinking that right now you must be in labor. Somehow, totally feeling excitement and nervous for you guys! Can't wait to see a pic of the little guy! Chanda (Ireland's mom)

  8. You are in our thoughts and prayers today and always! We are here if you need anything!

  9. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Fight Jackson fight!!

    Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04

  10. We are praying and sending many positive thoughts from our Jaxson to your Jackson!

  11. We are praying for Jackson and your entire family. Have faith, take lots of pictures, and don't forget to take care of yourself as well!
    ~Beth, mom to Katie(CDH survivor)

  12. Praying for your family as you start your journey.

  13. Dearest Candice and Rob,
    Our hearts and prayers are with you today. I have kept up with your pregnancy with my daughter, Stephanie. Blessedly, the big day is here. As you begin this journey, please remember all the people who are standing with the 3 of you.

    God bless you all.
    Love from Kamryn Hope's Mimi and Papa,
    Carol and Joe

  14. Candice and Rob,
    I have stayed updated as much as I can and continue to pray for ya'll and Baby Jackson. I have also been praying for Tyler Allan for God to help him understand everything going on. It sounds like things get better each day and I believe they will continue to do so. You have so many people praying for your family and God is listening to each one. I pray for you strength to be able to go through each day.
    Candice, take care of yourself also.
    God Bless,