Thursday, July 9, 2009

My baby boy


Now I can update on my doctors appointment today. The doctor told me that everything in the abdomen was up in the chest now. This is a horrible thing that i just thought wasn't going to happen. His liver is also up in the chest. Most of the babies with their liver don't survive according to the doctor. Sometimes part of the liver is just up, but his whole liver is up. After seeing everything that he saw he decided to do the LHR. LHR is a lung to head ratio that the doctors like to do on these babies to kind of give them an idea where we stand with the baby. They measure the lungs and head and compare and some how come up with a ratio. He said baby Jacksons was a 0.2. I have never heard of one being that low. This is not a good thing. He could hardly see any lungs at all when he did the sonogram. I just broke down and started crying when he told me his LHR was 0.2. I have done enough research to know that that was horrible. He just padded my leg and gave me a very sweet look, but never said it's going to be ok. After I got myself together I asked him what baby Jacksons chances were.......He just told me over and over that it didn't look good. I asked him if it was still a 50% chance of survival, because he did have a higher chance then even 50. He said it was much much lower. Oh that just broke my heart. I know i read all these blogs and there are some where the baby's diagnoses is bad like ours and their outcome turns out great. Thats very very rare though, and i know i can't just ignore what the doctor has told me, but i will not let it be a death sentence. Please keep Jackson in your prayers.


  1. Many prayers for baby Jackson. I am pretty sure that you are not supposed to do LHRs this late in pregnancy but I am not an expert. In fact, Vandy never really told us Max's LHR because they said all the recent studies showed it was not as good a predictor as they originally thought. All of this to say, We will be praying BIG time. Baby Jackson will do awesome!

  2. I agree with Ashley - - The doctor measured Charlie's LHR up until my 8th month, but made it clear that the later in pregnancy we got the less meaningful that number was. Many prayers and don't lose hope! Jackson is a miracle already! "Where there is love there are always miracles."
    :-) Patty

  3. Praying for you and your little man. I am with Ashley on this one and they shouldn't be using the LHR at this point. Because he already has underdeveloped lungs and his head continues to grow at a normal rate it will get smaller. So don't let that get in your head.

    Each baby is different. Baby Jackson is going to fight as hard as he can with liver up or liver down. Stay focused and positive. Many babies are miracles and show those doctors who is in control.

    Hugs and Love to you!

    The Miles Family

  4. little girl also had "everything" up in her chest. With a LHR of 0.56 she wasn't given much hope, however she is a survivor and a baby, my baby, not a statistic. Your son is a person with EVERY chance of survival, he is NOT a statistic either. These babies present differently once born compared to in the womb...ANYTHING can happen. Stay positive...don't give up on him every second and encourage him to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
    I will be praying for all of you!

  5. Oh goodness how hard for you to hear...we are praying for you! The consultants kept reminding us that it's not the size of the defect its the function of the lungs! Jacksons little lungs could still have good function even if they're little. Don't lose hope just keep praying. James' prenatal consultant came to us and admitted 'he was wrong' in thinking James had little chance, we just pray yours is to! Medicine sometimes does not understand the power of faith and miracles and your baby boy is already one.
    If you want to talk I'm always here!!!!
    Lots of Love
    Beth xxxx

  6. I will be keeping you and Jackson in my prayers. Stay strong!

    mommy to Owain LCDH

  7. Candice and Rob,

    We are so sorry for the news you received. We are praying for your strength and faith and for Jackson's health.

    Kamryn's Auntie J

  8. I know it's hard- but try to stay positive. I never had a LHR done- I don't think- I mean we had 2 amnio's done to determine how well her lungs were.. is that an LHR? Anyway - Kayla's was not good, according to the amnio- we got the steroid to help with lungs development..and I truly believe that helped... has your doc mentioned that? And Kayla's liver did migrate up to her chest in her days awaiting surgery.

    We are praying!