Friday, June 26, 2009



Well I had a doctors appointment on Thursday and all went pretty well. Rob didn't get to make this appointment, but will be there the next time for sure! Now when i go to the doctor they hook me up to the monitors to see how much the baby is moving and if I'm having contractions. So they put me on the monitors and guess what....i was having contractions! I had no idea. Jackson was moving like crazy and i had been feeling really uncomfortable but hadn't noticed the contractions. I have them everyday so you would think i would know. So since I'm already dilated and was contracting consistently they went ahead and checked me. I was still just a 1. YAY! This means the contractions aren't dilating me. During the sonogram baby Jackson was wide awake again. He was sticking his tongue out alot! He's already alot like his daddy Rob lol....He has some fat cheeks to! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday July 1st. This is the day i get to meet the Studdards! I can't wait. They are a family that i met online that were pregnant with twin girls. One was diagnosed with CDH and the other little baby was just fine. I talk to Stephanie the mom on the phone and by text all the time. Wednesday her girls will be 2 weeks old! Kamryn is the baby girl with CDH and is doing amazing, and Brooke is at home now doing wonderful. So needles to say I'm extremely excited about meeting them. Shawn the dad does a wonderful job of keeping their blog posted! Thanks Shawn! He is also a wonderful daddy taking care of those girls. Well until next time...................


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  1. Good Luck with your appointment on July 1st. Give Stephanie and Shawn a GIANT hug from us! Jackson will be here "fighting" before you know it! Things will go GREAT!
    Thank you for continuing to check in on us and for all of your support!
    Love and prayers,