Monday, July 6, 2009


Hey all,

I'm sitting here watching Sponge Bob with my kid and just thought i would post a little something. I AM SO READY TO HAVE THIS BABY, AND GET THIS JOURNEY ON THE ROAD! I just got through reading Jamie's blog and they are soon on their way home. Congrats guy's! Anyways I just get sick thinking about staying in Ft. Worth with no family. I hate being alone for only one night, just to think it's going to be lots and lots of nights gets me down. I know i have to get over this and just worry about my new little boy. He's going to be fighting hard so that we don't have to stay in the hospital that long. I'm tired of being pregnant and I'm sure Robs tired of me being pregnant to. Well we go to the doctor Thursday to get checked. I really don't want to go, because my doctor is out of town on vacation. So I'll be meeting a new doctor, I think it's pointless for me to go but they want me there once a week! Well maybe I'll have a baby by the 16th????! We'll see.



  1. Just remember that the longer Jackson stays cozy inside of you the more his lungs develop every day!

    And, Charlie's outfits are from Carters. Babies R Us and JCPenney's both sell them. They are perfect for the NICU because they snap up the front for easy access to the baby's chest and all the leads that will be stuck on him!

    Thinking of you,

    :-) Patty

  2. Hang in there Candice. I totally understand what you're going through...been there done that! You'll do great, you'll be so preoccupied with Jackson that you won't even worry about "home." I know that's how I feel. We've been in Cincinnati for 14wks now, I have not been home one single time! Tom's been home 3 times and is now depressed that Jaime had a set back today. I'm not because I don't miss home. I think it helps NOT to go back and get a taste of how life once was pre-CDH.
    Keep your chin up, girl...your roller coaster will begin soon enough! :-)