Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Current condition

Good evening everyone, it's Shawn again. Stef spoke with Candice tonight and we do have some updates to post about Baby Jackson. First, he has been moved to a high frequency oscillating ventilator (HFOV) and this appears to be working well to keep Jackson's lungs inflated while on ECMO. Candice can see his chest moving up and down which I know is very reassuring to them.

They will take another x-ray tonight to see how his lungs look because they are now contemplating surgery. It looks like they are leaning towards Jackson being repaired while he is on ECMO and the x-rays will be one of the clues to when that moment of opportunity presents itself.

We are currently waiting on a picture of Baby Jackson that should be here tonight sometime and we will update this post with that picture.

Candice sounds like she is holding up well, but is just exhausted as she spends all day at the hospital and has to be emotionally drained, not to mention physically exhausted since giving birth under very stressful circumstances.

Honestly, Candice and Rob are in a situation that Stef and I can't fully appreciate as we were spared ECMO and this chapter of CDH. Some of you who are reading this know the ECMO world far too well and can relate first hand to the emotional battle they both must be going through. Please pray not only for Baby Jackson to fight and overcome this ECMO stage, but also for this very sweet family to find the strength to endure this chapter and comfort in the current strategy to save Baby Jackson.



  1. Thank you for the update! We've been anxiously awaiting one! Jaime was never on ECMO, but he WAS on the oscillating vent. In fact, it's the very machine that saved Jaime's life. It's very bizzare as it gives the babies several breaths per second. It's loud and scary, but again, it saved Jaime. God willing, this will be the case for Jackson as well!
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers!
    God Bless,

  2. So relieved to see the update and that Baby Jackson is putting up a good fight! Charlie had to be put on the oscillating vent the night he was born in order to stabilize him. He was put on it again a day after surgery because his lungs weren't quite ready to work without it. I agree with Sheryl that it is a very loud and scary piece of equipment, but it works! We are praying here in Syracuse! Stay strong!

  3. Thank you so much for the update, Shawn. As I told Steff yesterday, it is all to real for me--been there, done that. Craig and I are thinking about Candice and Rob and baby Jackson and praying for a successful repair while on ECMO. This is hands down one of the most emotionally and physically draining thing to go thru, but don't for a minute give up hope that Jackson can beat the odds! Please continue to keep us posted.

  4. Shawn, thank you for updating. We are praying. If we can do anything let us know.

  5. We are thinking of Jackson often. Best wishes, Carter did not handle the HFOV, but rather went on a Bi-Vent for his lungs. Regardless of the method needed, keep the faith in the knowledge of your doctors to find out the best recipe for Jackson. Best wishes to the family during this very difficult journey.

  6. Thank you so much for the update! Jackson is never far from our thoughts and I pray that everyone will soon have all of this as a distant memory!