Friday, August 7, 2009

Still on ECMO

I wanted to give you all an update on Baby Jackson. Jackson has been on ECMO for 9 days now and unfortunately hasn't made a lot of progress. He has had at least one circuit change and didn't do to well. He is stable right now, but surgery isn't on the immediate horizon as it was a couple of days ago. His face is swollen, but the rest of his body isn't as swollen as much as it could be from ECMO.

The hypertension is still pretty severe right now and it doesn't look like he will be coming off ECMO in the immediate future. Our hearts are breaking for this family as we understand that they are going to give Jackson the weekend to make progress and then assess Monday what, if anything, can be done further to help him make progress. They have done about everything possible up to this point to get him over this hurdle, but the hypertension is persistent and not showing signs of decreasing. As Candice told Stef today, they are going to try two more types of medicine on him and give him through the weekend, and will assess from there.

We know that there is still hope as many baby's have been on ECMO much longer than 9 days and survived. As you can imagine, Candice and Rob are devastated though with the progress right now. We are praying that Jackson can make some positive progress over the weekend and hope you will join us in prayer for Jackson and for the family.

I will update as soon as we have more information.



  1. Fight Jackson fight!!! Hope the new meds work and it helps Jackson turn the corner and he makes some good progress this weekend! Many prayers for Jackson, Candice and Rob...I hope for a good and positive weekend for them. Positive energy and thoughts being sent your way!!

    Tracy Meats

  2. Do not lose hope! Yep, there are many kiddos who were on ECMO for much longer, who were given terrible odds, and who somehow made it. Hang in there. Enjoy your time. Remember to take pictures, even though you don't think you will want to look at them later. We'll say many prayers for a good weekend. Please call me ANYTIME, day or night, that you need me. I will answer any questions you have, tell you what helped for us, or just listen to you scream about how much it sucks!

    If I don't talk to you, some things to ask them about are: (1) will they give surfactant and (2) will they perform a bronchoscopy to get a view of what lung tissue is there. I'll read back over my journal tonight and let you know what else helped Carter finally get off of ECMO.

  3. praying extra hard for baby Jackson. hope the new meds do the trick and help with the hypertension. hope the update on Monday is a positive one.
    hang in there, Candice and Rob.
    Joanne and John Michael Trontz R-CDH 3/11/07

  4. My daughter never did go on ECMO, so I can't completely understand what you are going through, although Emily did have quite a fight (as do all CDHers), especially with the hypertension. Don't give up hope. Jackson, keep fighting!!! Praying these meds ease the PH and he has a weekend full of progress.
    Stay strong,

  5. Praying for your whole family and especially for baby Jackson right now. Don't give up hope! We're all pulling for him!

    Becky and Gene
    Expecting Andrew LCDH 10/5/09

  6. Praying so hard that this weekend brings good news by Monday. My heart aches in not knowing what to say or do to help...just know that your family and baby is very much on our hearts and minds. Hugs! Chanda

  7. Keep fighting Jackson, you can do it. Many prayers are going up for you and your family. God can do amazing things. Many babies have been on ECMO longer. We pray that the new medicines work.

    Jenny Rogers
    Weston's mommy CDH survivor

  8. Praying for sweet little Jackson!!!